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Right now, we need to connect with each other more than ever before.

Ian Hawkins is an author, coach, speaker and moderator who has worked in the corporate events industry for over twenty years.

He is a member of the PSA and is an accredited CPD Speaker and Trainer.

Ian gets people talking. Find out why he's the go-to for his clients.

You’ve designed an amazing event.

Ian Hawkins helps you deliver its full value.

Great events connect people: this is something we need to do now more than ever.

Ian Hawkins has worked in the corporate events industry for over twenty years. He knows what event organisers need from a moderator and how to deliver, which is why he’s the go-to for his clients.

From dinners to awards, conferences to debates, firesides to Q&As, Ian gets people talking.

Event organisers say:

“Ian Hawkins is among the best in the industry.”

“Ian made my job easier.”

“We can’t wait to work with him again.”

Could you be a better speaker?

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Do you speak in front of others as part of your job?

The answer is almost certainly yes - whether you’re on a conference platform, pitching to stakeholders or reporting the quarterly figures.

Ian can help you make fast improvements, with a few guiding principles taken from working closely with the best speakers in the world from entertainment, politics, sport and business.

Why did Square Mile call Ian “the UK’s most trusted speaker coach”? Watch the video to find out.

The story/change keynote

Stories are the software our brains run on. Whatever we do in business or personal life, our influence depends on the stories we tell ourselves - and allow others to tell about us.

Ian's own story is an inspiring tale of turning adversity into success. In keynote, workshop, online or after dinner speeches, he layers his story with examples from business and movie scenes suggested by the audience to demonstrate how stories work, why we tell them and how it's possible to transform our world by taking ownership of the narrative.

If your industry is going through change-or-die transformation...

If you need to engage colleagues and customers in your mission...

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut...

...this is your turning point.

This is what clients say

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The professionalism, humour, poise, and leadership he brings to each and every event is impressive and among the best in the industry. I know that events are in great hands when Ian is involved.

J.D. Miller, CDM Events

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Working with Ian made my job easier, he is organised, quick thinking, offered insightful thoughts and comments on presentations and session and made sure to keep things entertaining.

Hannah Davis, Worldwide Business Research

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Ian has a warm and affable personality that brought people out and encouraged participation from an eclectic mix of professionals. If you ever need a 'David Dimbleby' for an event... Ian is your man!

Steven Walgate, NICE

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Read the books

Ian has written three books on speaking and storytelling.

His books, Storytelling is your Superpower, Three Golden Rules of Professional Speakers and Insider Secrets of Public Speaking are available now - click on the images to buy.


“Ian Hawkins makes storytelling simple and he’s put the formula into this book. The End.”

BJ Cunningham


"A lifesaver."

Leo Johnson

Speaker, Author & Presenter

"A must-read."

Fiona Pelham, Sustainable Events

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