Ian Hawkins, delivering feedback to students at The Speakers’ Trust.

Leadership and public speaking go hand-in-glove: to be an effective leader, you need to be able to deliver messages clearly, with authority and be understood by your audience.

Too many great leaders are held back by a lack of confidence or a misplaced idea of what good public speaking ‘looks’ like. I have used simple yet powerful techniques, learned from working with some of the best speakers in the world, that can be put into practice immediately to improve your performance.

The results are that you will communicate with more authority and authenticity, answering the needs of the audience. Engagement will increase, your confidence will build, and the whole purpose of speaking in the first place will be realised more easily and effectively.

Not everyone can do it, a few do it well and only a small percentage of them can do it brilliantly. With me in your corner, you can achieve great things.

If we have just ten minutes together before you go onstage, I guarantee you will give a better performance.

The people I work with

I coach individuals and groups of all abilities and backgrounds, whatever their experience may be. I have advised senior politicians, CEOs and headline entertainers, as well as technology experts, charity volunteers and sales staff who have to present to stakeholders as part of their job. Through practical workshops, one-to-one sessions and on-site feedback, my aim is to help clients motivate, move, inspire and entertain audiences.

How my experience can help you

With experience as a booker of talent for conferences, dinners and corporate events, I have a deep insight into the world of professional speaking and the relationship between speaker and audience. My own speaking career has taken me around the UK and the English-speaking world, including the United States and Australia. A first-class scriptwriter with credits in BBC Radio Comedy and experience in B2B editorial, I have crafted business speeches, stand up comedy and presenters’ links for live events.


‘I cannot recommend him highly enough.

FT, How To Spend It

The UK’s most trusted speaker coach.

Square Mile

Ian’s expertise has without doubt enabled me to improve my delivery and produce better performances.

Jason Gardner, MBE

Much of my wisdom has been distilled in my book, Insider Secrets of Public Speaking. Reviewers include Nick Gold, MD at the Speakers Corner agency, recommending that it ‘should be universally used by speakers’; Matthew Parris, journalist and broadcaster, who praised the book for offering ‘good, clear, straight advice, exceptionally well-written’; and Leo Johnson who called it ‘a lifesaver of a book.’

Are you ready to become a better speaker?

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