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Ian Hawkins

Ian Hawkins is a business journalist specialising in thought leadership, technology and communication.

He has written and made programmes for some of the world’s biggest media platforms including CBS and BBC World, and was Editor-in-Chief of PEX Network, with a focus on operational excellence, automation and data.

Born with a debilitating heart condition at a time when treatment was rare, dangerous and traumatic, Ian has takes a very personal view of innovation, asking whether the risks outweigh the benefits and investigating who pays the price for new discoveries. The experience has left him with PTSD, which in a world that is slowly getting to grips with the importance of mental health, he talks about with insight, dignity and plenty of humour. 

Ian’s outlook has taken him to find the stories of businesses around the world, from pharma labs in Gothenburg to water purification in Nicaragua, dodging muggers in Panama City and shooting film from a helicopter over an active volcano. Throughout, he has learned that while technology is always changing, people never do – but we can all do something to make sure we are able to work in the new world that is evolving around us. 

A natural-born storyteller, Ian speaks about how humans and robots are working together, tackling the big issues in business and technology with wit and clarity. Whether moderating a discussion or presenting a keynote, audiences are energised, informed, educated and inspired to make the future better. 

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