First impressions matter

‘I knew you were right from the moment you walked into the room.’

How many times have we heard this? It doesn’t matter how good your CV is, people get jobs because of who they are and how they present themselves. In an age of remote working and online interviews, smart jobseekers are using video to show a side of themselves that can’t be communicated on the page.

I interview people on Zoom to to give jobseekers a head start in the competitive employment market. The format – professional, robust and friendly – gives potential employers a clear idea of who you are and what you will bring to the organisation.

This approach is suitable for jobseekers from school-leavers to C-suite. Got an idea that needs a wider audience or trying to win consultancy clients? These interviews are a perfect way to express thought leadership and pitch your skills.

What clients say…

Why the interview format?

Being asked questions by an interviewer gives you immediate credibility.

An interview will give people a good idea of what you are like talking to others, explaining your ideas and being yourself.

Why Zoom?

Zoom is the fastest, most convenient way to capture you in your own environment – and is the standard format for virtual interviews. For additional costs (see below) we can film in a studio which may be more appropriate depending on your seniority and target audience.

How does it work?

Get in touch with me on LinkedIn. We’ll start a conversation about what you need to get from this film, your target audience and the messages you want to communicate.

I’ll write a script for your approval that covers the topics agreed and we will schedule a recording session on Zoom. I’ll coach you to deliver a great presentation and get plenty of footage to ensure you come across as the best version of yourself.

In 48hours, you take delivery of your film which you can put on your website or LinkedIn profile, include on your CV or add to job applications.

Alternatively, fill in this form with your requirements and I’ll get back to you.


The standard fee for each film starts at £300GBP, paid on delivery.

Further charges may be applied for optional extras such as additional editing and studio hire.

Jobseekers and students may be eligible for reduced or deferred payment.

Videos are bespoke and final fees will depend on the exact nature of the brief. Fees quoted are intended as a guideline and do not include VAT or other local taxes.