Vote Ian Hawkins for VP Events

Live events are back in 2021/2!

The VP Events is responsible for celebrating successes, seasons and our social selves. After a fallow year, I want to bring events back with a bang – and I’m asking you not only to vote Ian Hawkins for VP Events, but to commit to helping it happen.

Below I’ll outline my ideas for the year ahead, but if there is something you have missed in 2020/1 or want to see done differently in the next 12 months, hit the button below to send me an email and let me know what you’d like to happen.

What I bring to the role

I’ve worked in the events industry (see my credentials below) and know that running a good show is about teamwork and leadership. EBS members do teamwork in their sleep – so I’ll bring the direction, ideas, organisation and planning. 

With my leadership and your commitment, events in 2021/2 will be a return to form and something different.

A special message for new members

We don’t have ‘new’ members, we just have members. I would like to invite you to get involved in organising the coming year’s events, because if you joined the Club in the last 12 months, you will find it a great way to get to know your fellow Early Birds. I will be creating lots of ‘to do’ lists and will need help!

The Birdies are back!

Big hair, small frocks and gushing speeches about how it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of your dog-walker’s PA.

The EBS Oscars (or, ‘The Birdies’) were a highlight of the calendar, and a vote for me is a vote for another night of celebrating the things that make EBS great.

You are invited to join the prestigious* EBS Academy.

* I am not kidding, we are more legit than the Golden Globes.

Winter (Party) is coming

After skipping a year, I’m thinking about the Winter Party NOW.

(I don’t use the C-word until November at the earliest.)

New venue? New format? New menu? It’s all up for grabs this year, and I am looking to assemble a team to help make the best decisions possible.

It’s a big job, let’s start early.

Pets and plus-ones welcome

For some of us, lockdown has been an opportunity to discover the streets around our homes and enjoy the convivial company of fellow members on walks.

This year, I’m looking for volunteers to lead walks, locally or further afield. Ending in a pub is not compulsory, but it is actively encouraged!

Fancy yourself as a tour guide?

Vote Ian Hawkins for VP Events

Ian has been a member of EBS since 2012.

In his time at the club, Ian has twice reached District Finals in the International Speech Contest and held Leadership Team positions VP PR, VP Education and Sergeant-at-Arms.

He has worked as a Corporate Speaker Agent with the likes of Michael McIntyre and William Hague, written jokes for Sandi Toksvig and Stephen K Amos, made 50 films for BBC World and devised thought leadership and conference content for events in Europe, USA and Asia.

Personal statement

‘I’ve been quite sideswiped by the impact of lockdown in 2020/1. My reason for standing for election to the VP Events role is to provide opportunities for all members to reconnect and renew friendships that have been put on hold or limited to virtual contact over the last year.’

‘My personal goal is to improve my team leadership skills. I am not good at asking for help. This role is about marshalling forces, and I see this as an opportunity for growth and development.’

Ian is resident Quizmaster at The Ivy Club, Covent Garden. Question 1: ‘Do you know who I am?’

Vote Ian Hawkins for VP Events – and pledge to be part of the action!